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Zhejiang Zhenhuan CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.
  • Main Products:

    CNC lathe. Vertical machining center. Gantry milling type machine. Horizontal CNC machine

  • Location:

    M&E Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Zhejiang 317600 P.R.China

  • Official Website


Z-MaT stands for Zhenhuan Machine Tool Company, one of the largest and fastest growing machine tool builders worldwide. There are two manufacture base, one it's in Yuhuan city Zhejiang province, the other it's in Nanjing city Jiangsu province. Z-MaT manufactures a wide range of CNC machines, which includes CNC Turning Centers, Horizontal CNC Lathes, Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Milling Machines and Special Purpose Machines. 
In addition, Z-MaT is recognized for the company’s advanced development and technological advantage in the field of live tooling products. Live tooling operations include axial and radial milling, drilling and tapping. These live tooling applications are available on a wide variety of Z-MaT CNC turning machines.

As of today, Z-MaT has more than 30 machine model series, with more than 200 models of CNC turning machines in the company product line.  This broad line of CNC lathes has brought recognition to Z-MaT as a world-wide leader in precision turning machines.

With distribution around the world, investment from Hong Kong, research and development centered in Taiwan, and manufacturing/assembly in China, Z-MaT is a responsible international corporation. Z-MaT is known and recognized for providing unmatched support to customers, employees, and to the environment.

Z-MaT is committed to building partnerships with educational institutions, community organizations, governmental agencies and private companies.  Our ultimate goal is to be a conscientious public partner in providing smart manufacturing solutions that serve industry and positively impact the world.

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Zhejiang Zhenhuan CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.